Choosing a Laser Hair Removal system

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How to choose the best laser hair removal system for your business

If you are considering introducing laser hair removal to your salon or clinic there are some important considerations to make. There are many different lasers and Intense Pulsed light systems (IPLs) on the market and prices vary greatly – compare platforms. From home use systems at £299 to multi wavelength high powered lasers at £150,000. It can be very confusing with all suppliers claiming to have ‘the best laser’. How do you determine what offers the best quality and value for your business.


Why Power is important…


You should start with the 3 Fs

  • Fit : is laser hair removal a good fit for your business, is there demand from your clients and in the local area. For most the answer is yes, 80% of all females and an increasing percentage of males are seeking a solution to unwanted hair and laser offers the best option.
  • Features : does the laser have the features you need to offer excellent results without side effects or pain. Can it treat all skin types, how fast can it treat each area, is there a consumable cost, who is the original manufacturer. There are just some questions that you need to consider.
  • Finance : What is the up front cost of the device. Can payments be spread over 3 or 5 years on a lease. Are there any consumable costs ongoing, what is the cost of service contracts or warranty extension. In the laser market price is not always an indicator of quality. We have seen some very poor quality devices selling for over £25,000 yet are listed on Alibaba for $5,000 and some medium specification devices selling for £70,000


In terms of features there are 4 basic features

  • Power : What is the power output of the laser, is it sufficient to deliver energy deep in the follicle ( see our simple video guide to the importance of power). We advise to always demand the power specification in writing from any supplier so if need be this can be verified.
  • Wavelength : Does it offer the optimal wavelength to maximise absorption typically 755nm for lighter skin types or 810nm for all skin types)
  • Pulse duration : How fast can each pulse be delivered, the shorter the pulse duration( the faster the pulse delivery) the better the result particularly on finer lighter hair. Short pulse delivery is only possible with high powered devices. The most powerful Diode laser on the market is Primelase from Cocoon Medical.
  • Cooling : What skin cooling if any does the device have. In order to deliver high energy to destroy the hair follicle the skin surface must be protected at all times. Controlled skin contact cooling is the most efficient type of cooling. Primlease has an inbuilt temperature sensor with two cooling systems in one handpiece to ensure constant cooling of the skin surface to allow destruction of the hair follicle with a pain free treatment.


Finally as of May 2020 new laws come into effect. All aesthetic devices including laser hair removal systems will be required to have Medical CE certification. This will be policed by the MHRA (Medical Health Regulatory Agency) so you need to ensure any new device purchased has this and that the certificate is legitimate. (We have seen some fake certificates originating from certain Chinese manufacturers).


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